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Meanwhile back in the forest of Yuki with Shark and Fang.

“Shark do you know what the chaos emeralds are said Fang”. “No what are chaos emeralds said Shark”. “I will tell what chaos emeralds are there are seven emeralds and they have a special power and there is something called the master emerald it controls all seven emeralds said Fang”. “Where are the chaos emeralds now said Shark”. “I have them right now and now I will see you my super form said Fang”. “No way how do you have the chaos emeralds said Shark”. “Well because about 3 months ago I had found the chaos emeralds all in one place and I do not who had lefted them their at that place so I took them and one thing let’s see if you can beat me Shark said Fang”. “No why I not beat you Fang said Shark”. “Do not give up Shark and use the power of the seven chaos emeralds said Snow’s spirit”. “Thank you Snow and now Fang I will show my super form said Shark”. “What how can you have a super form that is impossible said Fang”. “It is because Snow’s spirit told me that I have a super form said Shark”. “Now die Shark said Fang”. “No Fang said Shark”. “I hate you Shark the SnowWolf said Fang”. “Me to said Shark”. “Shark you have beaten me and now I can die said Fang”. “Wait Fang what will happen to the Black Knight’s said Shark”. “I do not known what happen to the Black Knight’s and sayonara Shark the SnowWolf said Fang”. “Sayonara to you as well Fang the SnowWolf said Shark”. “Shark!! said Star”. “Shark are you ok and what is that form said Dark”. “I’m ok Dark and Star and this is my super form powered by the seven chaos emeralds said Shark”. “What are chaos emeralds said Star”. “The chaos emeralds is that there are seven emeralds in all and there is the master emerald that controls all seven chaos emeralds said Shark”. “How cool Shark said Star”. “Shark this the forest of Yuki can you tell me and Star the story what happened in this place said Dark”. “This place was Snow’s Village and the village was destroyed by a strong snowstorm and Snow was only survivor of his village said Shark”. “That a sad story Shark said Star”. “Shark how did you get your super form said Dark”. “Snow spirit told that I had a super form by using the seven chaos emeralds said Shark”. “How did Snow’s spirit talk to you and did you kill Snow or did Fang kill Snow said Dark”. “Do not how Snow’s spirit talk to me and Fang killed Snow that made me sad and one more thing Fang was the leader of Black Knight's said Shark”. “Shark the Black Knight’s are gone said Star”. “What said Shark”. “Yes it is true Shark said Dark”. “I believe you Star and Dark and now I will go back to normal form and we keep the seven chaos emeralds said Shark”. “Ok Shark said Star”. “Shark and Star let’s go back home said Dark”. “Ok said Shark and Star”.

Meanwhile at unknown location. “Master some beaten Fang and the Black Knight’s said the unknown voice”. “What said the unknown voice master”. “It is true my master said the unknown voice”. “Now I want you to get Black Doom and Omega said the unknown voice master”. “Ok my master said the unknown voice”. “Now Shark The SnowWolf come and face me and I wouldn't be Mephiles the Dark for nothing said Mephiles”.

Did you guys enjoy my Shark Origins stories and next my series is called Shark Adventures. Shark Adventures will be longer than Shark Origins.

      See you guys in Shark Adventures and sayonara

            Keep it cool
Shark Origins Final Episode A New Power
Shark, Dark, Star, Snow, and Fang are copyright to me. 

Mephiles the Dark, Black Doom, and the seven chaos emeralds are copyright to Sega.

Omega is copyright to Capcom.

Shark Origins Episode 2 Shark's Past

"Shark can you tell your past said Star". "Yes Star I will tell you my past said Shark". "About 10 years ago when I was only 5 years old and My parents were killed by a dark SnowWolf said Shark". "He let me and my brother Zero live said Shark. Then he said. "We will meet again someday goodbye said the dark SnowWolf". "Zero our parents are died said Shark". "Yes I known Shark I’m sad too but you need to stop crying said Zero". "Ok Zero I will stop crying what are we doing to do now said Shark". "We will go to your friend’s house said Zero". "Ok then Zero let’s go said Shark". "Shark can you tell me your friend’s name and your parents name said Star". "Ok then Star I will tell you my friend’s name was Dark said Shark". "Zero told me are our parents names were Yuri and Ryuu said Shark".Yuri was Mother's name she was nice and kind to me and Zero and Ryuu was Father's name he was a funny guy and he told me and Zero funny jokes said Shark". "Shark can you tell me more of your past said Star". "Ok then Star I will tell you more of my past said Shark". 2 years later after our parents died when I was 7 years old. I was with Dark and Zero and we were in Dark’s house playing video games then that night the city was destroyed by the same dark snowwolf that killed our parents. Then we see him over the city destroyed then he said. "Will it is good to see your again Shark and Zero said the dark SnowWolf". "How do you know our names said Zero". "Well it is because your parents told your names said the dark SnowWolf". "Zero! why did our parents tell the dark snowwolf our names said Shark". "Well I do not know why he told us said Zero". Now die Zero said the dark SnowWolf". "No Zero! said Shark". "I will be back someday Shark to kill you said the dark SnowWolf". "Zero please do not die on me said Shark". "Shark please stop crying, I was so happy to have you as a brother, and I will always love you said Zero". "Zero no why did you die on me said Shark". "Shark are you ok said Dark". "No I’m not ok Zero is die because the dark snowwolf kill him said Shark". "Wait why did he kill Zero said Dark". "Well it is because he kill my parents and he said we would meet agian someday said Shark". "Wait did he destroyed the city too said Dark". "Yes he did said Shark". "Wait Shark where are you going said Dark". "I’m going to to travel the world, I will take revenge on him for killing my parents and my brother Zero and goodbye Dark we will meet agian someday said Shark". "Me and Dark went on our separate ways so I travel the world then I meant you Star said Shark". "That was my story said Shark". "I'm so sorry that you had a sad past Shark and I have a few questions for you said Star". "Sure ask away said Shark". "How many years since your brother died and how old are you Shark said Star". "8 years since Zero died and I’m 15 years old said Shark". "I’m 15 years old too Shark said Star". "Star can we go to Dark’s house now said Shark". "Ok then Shark said Star".

                           See you in the next Episode of Shark Origins.

                                  Keep it cool you guys
Shark Origins Episode 2 Shark's Past
Shark, Dark, Star, Zero, Yuri, Ryuu, and the dark snowwolf are my fan characters.
Meanwhile back at the Black Knight’s Base with Star and Dark. “Dark look there is someone is in this room said Star”. “Who is the room with use said Dark”. “Well well Star and Dark said Sky. “Sky is it true that you joined the Black Knight’s said Star”. It is true that I have joined the Black Knight’s said Sky”. “Sky how did you joined the Black Knights said Dark”. “It was 3 years ago when I was 14 years old and reason why I joined the Black Knight’s is because one day I have met leader of Black Knight’s and his name is Fang the SnowWolf and he said do you went to join the Black Knight’s then I said yes because I did not have any family left said Sky”. “What do you mean by that Sky said Star”. “I will tell you Star one year early my whole family died in a house fire when I was in the U.K for a vacation and two days after I have gotten there I cried so much said Sky”. Sky how do you know Star said Dark”. “Well said Sky”. “No Sky I will tell Dark the story it was 5 years ago when he was 12 years old when he was in the snowy mountains in his village I was hurt because I had slipped ice then he ran up to me let me stay at his house and I was better then I said thank you said Star”. “I will tell you the rest of story Dark is that ok said Sky”. “Fine then Sky said Dark”. “After Star said thank you to me I went to do the same but my family moved I never would see you until I got a mission from Fang to kill Star said Sky”. “Is there more to the story said Dark.”. "It was on night when Shark saved me and I took Shark to Dark’s and my house said Star”. “Star did you move from your village said Dark”. “Well because the villagers kicked out of the village they are tired of taking me when I just kept falling on ice this is after Sky and Family moved out of the village said Star”. “No more stories now we fight said Sky”. “Sky you are hurting me please stop said Star”. “I can not it is my mission to kill you said Sky”. “Star are you ok said Dark”. “Yes I’m ok said Star”. “Star and Dark want you to kill me please said Sky”. “No Sky we will not kill you said Star”. “Just listen to Sky please Star said Dark”. “Fine Dark said Star”. “I have one more to tell if you are looking for Shark the SnowWolf he is in the forest pf Yuki with Fang and sayonara Star said Sky”. “Sky I will miss you said Star”. Let’s go Star to the forest of Yuki to Shark against Fang and we will bury Sky there said Dark”. “Dark you are so nice and let’s go help Shark said Star”. “Thank you Star and I’m ready said Dark”. “I’m ready to Dark said Star”. “Let’s go then said Dark”.

              Sorry this was a short episode but the next episode will be longer

           The next episode will be the finale of Shark Origins

      See you in the final episode of Shark Origins.


               Keep it cool
Shark Origins Episode 7 Star and Dark vs Sky
Dark, Star, Sky, Shark, Fang, and the Black Knight's are copyright to me.
In the forest of Yuki is going to be the battlefield for Shark and Snow to fight. “What is this place said Shark”. “This is the forest of Yuki said Snow”. “Why did you bring me here to this place said Shark”. “Well because this place was my hometown 17 years ago until a very strong snow storm hit and my hometown was gone forever said Snow”. “How old are you Snow said Shark”. “I’m 17 years old and I was the only survivor of my village said Snow”. “That is so sad said Shark”. “Now let’s fight Shark the SnowWolf said Snow”. “All right Snow the SnowWolf said Shark”. “Shark are you angry at me for killing your parents and you brother Zero said Snow”. “I’m angry and I will take revenge on you for killing my family said Shark”. “Now Shark try to kill me said Snow”. “Try harder Shark said Snow”. “Why can I not kill you Snow said Shark”. “Well it is because you are weak Shark said Snow”. “I’m not weak said Shark”.“I hate you Shark the SnowWolf now I’m bleeding because of you said Snow”. “Now let’s fight more Snow said Snow”. “Ok then Shark we will fight more said Snow”. After fighting Shark and Snow talked more. “Well  Shark you have beaten me and now kill me said Snow”. “No Snow I will not kill you and I do not need to take revenge on you one more thing Snow will you join my team said Shark”. “Sure I will Shark said Snow”. “I do not think so Snow the Wolf said Fang”. “Fang why did you kill me said Snow”. “No Snow do not die please said Shark”. “I have something to tell you said Snow”. “What Snow said Shark”. “I want you to tell Fang the SnowWolf and sayonara Shark the SnowWolf said Snow”. “Well SnowWolf you are mad at me for killing Snow said”. “ I’m mad at you and my name it is not SnowWolf it is Shark the SnowWolf said Shark”. “I have something you Shark said Fang”. “Just say it said Shark”. “I’m Fang the SnowWolf and I’m the leader of the Black Knight’s said Fang. “I hate you and you are responsible for the death of my family said Shark”. “Yes I’m responsible said Fang”. “I’m going to kill you Fang said Shark”. “Now now I went to talk more to you said Fang”. “Fine then Fang the SnowWolf said Shark”. “I will tell you the story how I started the Black Knight’s it was about 12 years ago I had a friend named Sakura and She was my friend and she was my girlfriend until I losted her from  illness that she had so I wanted to take revenge on the world because I was so mad and I wanted destroy and to kill people that is how I formed the Black Knight’s said Fang”. “I’m so sad that you lost your friend said Shark”. “It is not your business said Fang”. “Ok ok said Shark”.  “Now we will fight said Fang”. “I’m ready to fight you Fang the SnowWolf said Shark”. “Same to you Shark The SnowWolf said Fang”.
                    See you in the episode of Shark Origins.
                           Keep it cool
Shark Origins Episode 6 Shark vs Snow
Shark, Snow, Fang, Sakura, and the Black Knight's are copyright to me.

Shark and friends are now in Tokyo Japan to stop Fang and the Black Knights.“Guys we are finally in Tokyo said Shark”. “Yo Shark me, X, and Zero are going find the Black Knights base said Dark”. “Ok then Dark where will we meet at said Shark”. “At Tokyo tower by 9:00 pm it's 5:00 pm right now said Dark”. “All right Dark then me and Star will sightseeing said Shark”. “See you later Dark, X, and Zero said Shark”. “How cool the builds look so nice at night said Star”.“Star!! stop sightseeing we need to get to Tokyo Tower said Shark”. “Ok Shark said Star”. In Tokyo tower with Shark and Star. “Shark have something to ask you said Star”. “What is your question Star said Shark”. “Why is Storm not here with use in Tokyo said Star”. “Well because Storm wanted stay home and he would protect the city just in case the Black Knight’s attacked again said Shark”. “It is good that Storm is protecting city said Star”. “Yeah Star said Shark”. We are here said Dark. “Dark did you guys find the Black Knight’s base” said Shark”. “Yes we did find the Black Knight’s base said Dark”. “All right Dark let’s you guys said Shark”. “Yeah said everyone”. Shark and friends found the Black Knights base and they sneaked into the base. “So this is the Black Knight’s base said X”. “Shark there are two paths said Dark”. “We will split up X and Zero you guys are going to the right the me, Dark , and Star will go the left said Shark”. “Ok said Zero”. “See you X and Zero later said Dark, Shark, and Star”.

Meanwhile with X and Zero. Zero there is a doorway ahead of us said X”. “Ok X said Zero”. “Well Zero and X it is good to see you guys agian said Vile”. “Imposside Vile how can you be a alive said X”. “Well X it is because I went thru a portal at the last second before you and Zero destroy me and Zero I have someone for you to meet his is Phantom he is your future enemy Zero said Vile”. “Well Zero I’m your opponent so you are going to fight me said Phantom”. “ Ok Phantom I will fight you said Zero”. “Zero in the future you will lose your memories, you will fight X, and you will save the planet said Phantom”. “Wait this will all happen in the future said Zero”. “Yes Zero as I said this is the future said Phantom”. After Zero was fighting against Phantom. I’m leaving to go back to the future said Phantom”. “Wait Phantom said Zero”. “What Zero is it said Phantom”. “Why did you tell about the future said Zero”. “Well because Zero so you would remember about the future and until we meet again Zero good-bye said Phantom”. “Now I’m going to help X said Zero”. Meanwhile with X and Vile. “It looks like Zero won against Phantom said X”. “Pay a attention X to the fight said Vile” X I’m going to help you fight Vile said Zero”. “Ok Zero said X”. After fighting against Vile. “Zero and X we will meet again said Vile”. “The portal opened by Vile said X”. “X let’s go follow Vile back to our world said Zero”. “Ok Zero but will we meet Shark,Dark,Star, and Storm said X”. “I do not know for sure if we will meet them again said Zero”. “Zero let’s go to our world said X”. “All right said X”.

Meanwhile with Dark,Shark, and Star. “I’m feeling that X and Zero went somewhere that I do not known said Star”. “Star are you ok said Shark”. “Yes I’m ok Shark said Star”. “Star and Shark look you ahead said Dark”. “There is two more ways said Star”. “I will go to the left side and Star and Dark will guys will go to the right side said Shark”. “Shark I will not allow you to go alone said Star”. “Star you need to let him go by himself said Dark”. “Why Dark I’m want to with Shark said Star”. Well because Shark cares about your safety said Dark”. “I guess you are right Dark and Shark I’m sorry that I yelled at you said Star”. “It is ok Star I will be back said Shark”. “Shark said Star”. Meanwhile with Shark. “Finally I’m at the end of the hallway said Shark” Well Shark the SnowWolf it is good to see you again said Snow”. “Snow the Wolf I will have my revenge on you said Shark”. “Shark this not the place to fight said Snow”. “Why not Snow said Shark”. “Well because I’m taking to somewhere else to fight said Snow”. “What is place are you taking me said Shark”. “I will you when we get there said Snow”.

                 See you in the episode of Shark Origins.
                           Keep it cool
SO Episode 5 Zero and X vs Vile and Phantom
Mega Man X , Zero, Phantom, and Vile are copyright to Capcom.

Shark, Star, Dark, Storm, Fang, Sky, Snow, and, The Black Knight's are copyright to me.
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